culturegamer.fr is an initiative of the Institut français and a website dedicated to promoting French video games internationally.

The Institut français is a public institution responsible for French cultural actions abroad. Under the aegis of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, its mission is to promote French culture and its international dissemination, and to promote dialogue, partnerships and cooperation with foreign cultural players.

Digital technology is a strategic priority for the Institut français and the French cultural network abroad: as well as being a vehicle for disseminating culture, it is also a medium for creation and a very dynamic creative sector.  Where these three dimensions meet French professionals have for years now been creating, inventing and deploying unprecedented skills and knowledge, the innovation, creativity and uniqueness of which are recognised throughout the world.

Websites dedicated to digital creation, including culturegamer.fr, which represents the fourth dimension after culturevr.fr (dedicated to immersive realities), futurlivre.fr  (dedicated to the innovative book) and futurimage.fr (dedicated to webcreation and transmedia works), aim to present an overview of the digital creation sector using multilingual and participative platforms. A showcase for creativity and authentic online panoramas, they enable the presentation of works and authors, promote French creations and act as reference sites for professionals.

The website culturegamer.fr promotes the creations and players of independent French video games (creators, producers, publishers, training schools etc.) and promotes the diversity and quality of the achievements of this sector, as well as French excellence in this field.