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Hordes is a free and cooperative survival game against zombies.

In a city of 40 inhabitants, who can know what will happen? One thing is certain, in Hordes, at midnight, zombies invade the city and devour the unwary who have not accepted their miserable conditions!

Who closed the door of the city tonight? Who participated in the city’s defenses? Who has scanned the horizon to estimate the power of the horde? Who wasted the precious drinking water by emptying the well? Who looted the bank to build his own house? If only we had to be wary of zombies, but we must also watch each other, who knows if a ghoul does not hide among the inhabitants, ready to devour an innocent soul…

Fortunately, the desert of the underworld gives the most reckless all the necessary. A chainsaw ? A lawnmower ? A homemade bomb? All means are there to survive as long as possible and leave to posterity its glorious existence!


Developer :


Motion Twin

Motion twin is a studio that wants to be totally independent in the world of video games.

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