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Le Royaume D’Istyald


The Kingdom of Istyald is a narrative and immersive adventure video game. Available on the site devoted to Fantasy and its origins, it offers players the opportunity to explore a universe inspired by fantasy in general.

Accompanied by a guide, a mysterious witch who knows more than she says, the user will make many encounters, find great objects and solve puzzles to, ultimately, take up a huge challenge. Indeed, the Tree of Knowledge, source all wisdom, is dying. With him, the very equilibrium of Istyald’s world is threatened. And it’s up to the player to find a way to save him.

Istyald is a richly illustrated, non-linear story. Above all, it’s an exploration game. The primary goal of the player is to visit the places that make up the game to meet their inhabitants and learn more about their secrets. The player will therefore have to solve a series of simple puzzles: doors to open, enemies to defeat, objects to collect and reuse later, sentences written in strange languages ​​that will have to be translated, enchantments to be removed … The solution of a riddle posed in one place will almost always be found in another place, and it will also be necessary to strike up a conversation with the inhabitants to obtain valuable clues and other information.

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