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Monster Hotel


Take control of your own hotel for monsters! Find them a comfortable room and make them happy! By building the classiest hotel in the world, you will attract a richer clientele (and barred, in general) !

Rather skyscraper or entirely underground hotel? It’s how you want to be creative and impress your friends! Your customers being monsters in transit on Earth, expect people a little strange … Between those who feel weird, those who put the souk and those who interfere with everything they touch, you will be entitled to everything.

Will you be able to choose THE room of their dreams? Also express your talents as an interior designer by decorating your rooms: it will take at least that to please VIP customers who will sometimes arrive in your hotel! And decorations, there are hundreds! What you enjoy in terms of customization!

Finally, a hotel without star, frankly, it sucks. Fortunately, the Inspectors will sometimes break your feet: if they leave satisfied … it’s the jackpot and you go up


Developer :

Monster Hotel

Motion Twin

Motion twin is a studio that wants to be totally independent in the world of video games.

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