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Sadhana – The Way Back


Sadhana is a mobile adventure game which proposes to pursue an initiatory quest on the path of yoga, mixing puzzle solving, exploration phases and interactive narration.

In a universe inspired by Indian mythology, Svetaketu, a valiant warrior, will seek to free himself from his attachments to the material world, to tame supernatural powers and eventually, to live the experience of awakening. This spiritual adventure will turn out to be an arduous path that will make a proud warrior understand that renouncing to strength and to the physical world can mean gaining power. The different phases of the game alternate and complete each other to create an inventive scenario, where Svetaketu’s progression is segmented into chapters. The graphics follow the state of wisdom and awareness of the hero’s world, moving towards increasingly geometric forms. The original soundtrack perfects this fascinating atmosphere.

Available on Android and iOS platforms, Sadhana offers a new, accessible and inspiring graphic and narrative experience, allowing any player profile to follow the story of Svetaketu.


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Sadhana – The Way Back


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Sadhana – The Way Back

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Sadhana – The Way Back

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