Culture Gamer - Solar : La mécanique de l’ombre

Solar : La mécanique de l’ombre


Little is known about the history of this world, writings got lost to the ages as civilization fled deeper in the depths to survive.

Your tribe has chosen you to become a Pathfinder; as tradition goes, you must carry an artifact to the Surface in order to repay the crimes of the ancients. Your journey will make you discover the mysterious cosmic powers of this relic, altering the sun itself to guide you within the shadows of these wastelands. This peculiar astrolabe seems to have a life of its own, you will have to understand its will if you want to progress in harmony. Use your astrolabe or your controller to change the direction of the sun and get deeper in the ruins. Change the direction of the sun and / or the character to go deeper into the ruins.

It’s a student project madeat the CNAM-ENJMIN.


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Solar : La mécanique de l’ombre


The Cnam-Enjmin is the French Graduate School of Video Games and Interactive Media.

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